Our History

Rooiwinkel is situated in South Africa, approx 100km south of the Beitbridge Border post on the N1 in the beautiful town of Louis Trichardt .

The rich history of Rooiwinkel goes back to the year 1949, when pioneer Tayob Cassim acquired the store from the Kharbai family. The store was located in the old Trichardt(now Songozwi) street. Rooiwinkel was then a general retail supermarket, eventually adding clothing to it's business.

It was in 1970 that Rooiwinkel started selling hardware, initially limited to basic domestic hardware. Having seen the considerable interest and need for hardware and building material, Rooiwinkel slowly abandoned the grocery trade to focus on the Hardware and Clothing business.

In 1980 however, under the Group Areas Act, the property on Trichardt Street was expropriated and the existing premises in the Indian Township of Eltivillas was constructed. Rooiwinkel has been trading at this premises ever since.

With many thanks to God Almighty and to all it's faithful customers, Rooiwinkel continues to provide quality building and roofing equipment at affordable prices to the public and hopes to continue contributing positively to it's community for many years to come.

Rooiwinkel 1949
Rooiwinkel Today